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hearing with the chairman of the joint chiefs, general martin dempsey and secretary of defense, chuck hagel, got under way at about 9:30. two hours ago. we'll take you there live now until the house comes in at noon eastern. >> i presume you are talking about the 2005 base closing. which as you i'm sure know the focus on that and chairman levin knows this very well, was as much a reorganization as anything else. mr. hale, the comptroller, can give you specific numbers. but we are generating considerable savings today. and we will in the out years, from base closings. if i recall it's around $12 billion. is that a year? i think a year on savings, which we can document. we can show you that. the fact is, bottom line, senator, is that we cannot continue to afford to carry infrastructure that we don't need. i wish we could do it all. i wish we could keep every platform we have everywhere, but we can't do it all. it doesn't make sense making money away from infrastructure that we don't need. it's not relevant. it takes money away from what is relevant. our people, modernization, readiness.
. -- we want to reiterate our concerns to abide by the provisions of the 1994 defense memorandum. we guarantee the sovereignty and integrity of ukraine. we note that the provision calls for the one. -- call for the signatories to consult when there are questions concerning the commitments within the document. this clause is even more relevant now, and indeed represents an opportunity to peacefully resolve the current crisis. we are encouraged by indications that government of ukraine is taking steps to ensure political inclusiveness in the governance of the country. we believe this is a prudent way of addressing one of the underlying causes of the disputes and an early return to peace and stability. the call by the secretary general for cool heads to prevail remains relevant under the circumstance. we urge all concerned to refrain from provocative action that will precipitate now and in the future and unnecessary human suffering. i thank you. >> i thank the representative of nigeria for the statement. i look forward to the representative of the republic of korea. >> thank you, madam
doing massachusetts. the same day that massachusetts came out, this court decided environmental defense versus duke which decided -- even when a defined term is construed a particular way, it doesn't mean the same term can be construed differently where context -- cannot be construed differently where context requires. that is why massachusetts, after indeed holding that the definition of pollutant included greenhouse gases, didn't go there -- stop there. it asked whether applying it to the title ii provisions on motor vehicles would yield extreme measures or counterintuitive results. only then did they direct the epa to apply the definition. they understood that the literal definition of pollutant was sufficiently broad that it should not be applied without some additional analysis of the context of the provisions. >> what else does it cover other than the -- mobile vehicles? >> there are multiple places where it appears in the act. they have interpreted the words, any air pollutant to mean any subset of the pollutants that this definition -- >> that is because the section that it is i
-exempt status for nonprofit organizations. deputy defense secretary christine fox discusses the pentagon budget for 2015. house ways and means chairman dave camp introduces his tax reform proposal. >> on the next "washington l," a gop alternative to the affordable care act. the chairman of the democratic caucus discusses the house democratic agenda. later, nbc news correspondent harry smith talks about his documentary looking at the marijuana industry in colorado. is --ngton journal" live is live every morning at 7:00 eastern on c-span. federal reserve chairman janet yellen testifies before the senate banking committee thursday. her first time since being confirmed to lead the nation's central bank. you can see it live at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 3. you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. >> is this a technique you hope will improve jobs -- [indiscernible] >> i don't think that is any of your business. [laughter] >> i think the glamour of reagan had less to do with his hollywood roots per se. the glamour of hollywood exactly, but it did have something to do with the skill and
o'brien is a defense reporter. we will follow that as well on twitter. connor o'brien, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> the federal reserve chairman janet yellen told the senate committee that it is too early to determine how the extreme weather conditions will affect the u.s. economy. that hearing is next on c-span. said thatan senator russia will use political instability in the ukraine as an excuse to invade the former soviet republic. deliversdent joe biden remarks to a democratic party meeting. >> deaths from other major diseases continue to decline. --t's from alzheimer's a whisper is better than the silence. it is still not enough. it needs to be yelled and screamed to the point where get the attention and the funding that it deserves. i dream of the day that my charity is no longer necessary and i can be the leave the man child i was always meant to be. we continue to take steps to provide more. rogen is advocating increased awareness for alzheimer's disease. tv, anmething on book author will take you are comments on what he calls black power studies. c-span3, a
to be active participation on both sides of an issue, of a person charged with a crime. on defense or litigation over a law itself. so chairman goodlatte from here in virginia had -- just across the river in virginia had called a hearing in judiciary this week. we had another about the constitutionality or lack thereof of actions by this administration, and it's very alarming, professor johnson totally with whom i disagreed on any policy issues, has a wonderful grasp of the constitution, and he recognizes the dangers when administration decides to pick and choose which laws will be enforced and goes further and issues executive orders not like prior administrations that simply explain on most occasions or illuminate some law as to how they think it's to be interpreted, but to actually make law in executive orders. that's just unconscionable for somebody that took an oath to defend the constitution. . so i can't recall times aye agreed with the "l.a. times" before, but they had an editorial that indicates even the "l.a. times" understands the danger of what's going on right now in t
, including defense exports. we had a very good progress with the order which will secure and shape our jobs in his constituency. and, frankly, i was criticized by the party opposite for taking defense contractors on trade missions overseas. they don't think it's appropriate i think it is appropriate. i think we should be standing up for defense industry and defensive jobs. >> will the prime minister ended speculation over the future of the hunting act by confirming that he doesn't intend to use a statutory to repay or remember the act live removing the limits on the number of dogs that can be used? >> well, this will quite probably be a matter for the house of commons, as he will know what has happened is a group of welsh and other members of parliament have looked at a particular problem of pest control in upland areas of whales and other parts of the country. they are making a proposal. the proposal will be properly examined by the department and and and the house of commons will be able to decide. >> thank you, mr. speaker. further to my honorable friend's question and during national ap
to be able to be the first line of defense, and i would argue that it is important that we exempt the secretary, the department from that because of their number one responsibility is securing the homeland. and we live in a different climate. i think the gentleman accepts the fact that terrorism has become franchised at this moment. i thank the gentleman for yielding. i ask individuals to again support the jackson lee amendment. i yield back. mr. goodlatte: i thank the gentlewoman. i'm not persuaded that the department of homeland security, especially with the provision that provides for emergency relief from many of the provisions of the bill, can't be greatly benefited in all those who have to deal with the department of homeland security will not be greatly benefited if the department is operating more effectively and if the regulation today promulgate our more efficient and more effective and more addressed toward what really needs to be done to address problems and not simply adding to the regulatory burden that businesses and american citizens face. so i continue my oppositi
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8